The Ancient Lands: The Sundering


After having convinced King Khossus X of Koth, due to Myiera‘s mentioning of ’Letting the Necromancer roam free’, to let them bring in an army of outsiders to guard the Tomb of the Tiefling Kings, they were each granted a token from the king to aid in their quest.

King Khossus X has agreed to allow the Party’s allies (sorcerer’s & holy warriors) from Khorosun into the kingdom to guard the Tomb. Additionally, Oni convinced the King to allow her people to come down as well. Upon agreement, Oni, had Ramza write a letter to her father on her behalf requesting the tribe to come to Koth.

One of the (many) unanswered questions was how Turok & Brendan had gotten into the Tomb without the 3 sword keys the party had acquired. Especially since Brendan was able to ‘easily’ escape from them during the confrontation in the foyer outside of the resting places of the Tiefling Kings. To answer this, they decided to journey to Turok’s home church in Messantia.

Arriving in Messantia, Turok is both comfortable and lost. Little has changed, but certain specifics are gone in the 600 years since he was last here. Heading to the church the party, instead, finds a small keep like structure. Approaching the guard at the gate they ask about the church that stood there previously. The guard gave a rather blank stare back to the party. Ramza then spoke up, seeing Turok getting upset, and asked if they could speak to someone in charge.

The guard escorted them and presented them to Ashim “Prost” Khomu, a local merchant. Prost explained to the group what he knew about location. That after the Zingaran Holy Order pulled back to the other side of the Rabiran Mountains, the local populace, no longer under the direct thumb of the Zingaran’s, revolted, and subsequently destroyed all signs of the Zingaran’s ‘one true goddess’ using some chemical mixture that burned so hot that the shaped stone blocks melted.

Understandably disturbed by the story, the group thanked Prost for his kindness, and then left to search out additional details. Searching out details of the departure of the Zingaran’s, the group visited one of the new small temples. Whilst talking to an officiant of the temple, Ezer, Turok was questioned as to whom he worshipped. At hearing Turok’s response of Ailuros, Ezer reached to the wall, drew weapons, and wheeled around to attack Turok. Oni intimidated Ezer, and thus Ezer pulled his swing, missing Turok. Ramza stepped up, attempted to get more information about Ezer’s response. Ezer reluctantly provided some details of the Zingara’s recalling all their ‘priests and missionaries’, and how they likely brought any documents or records stored within the temples and shrines, and of what had befallen the temples of Ailuros within the confines of this city after they left.

Ezer then advised Turok not to mention ‘her’ name again and told them to never set foot in this temple again else they would likely be punished for their heresy.

Still wanting details they went back Prost to see if they could charter a vessel from him to the capital of Zingara, Kordava. He agreed, at a cost of 25 g per person, for a round trip there and back, with a 3 day visit to change out cargo, sneaked into the city as ‘merchants’, and then, while in the city, change into upper classmen apparel to hopefully avoid drawing attention to themselves.

Then they hired a Paige to take a note to GREG. Ramza signed it in a way that his friend ‘should’ recognize it was him, despite it being several years since they last spoke. Greg did recognize whom sent it and went to visit his old friend at the end of his work day. Ramza explained why they were in town, what they were looking for, and asked for Greg’s assistance in getting them some records.

Greg agreed, went to the archives the next day, did his job, and collected some various books and documents that might have the information Ramza & Turok were looking for. As he was packing up his satchel for the day, he was stopped by his boss and asked a couple questions. Greg, being a horrible liar, informed his boss that yes, he met up with an old friend yesterday and that yes, he was reviewing some documents at home (which was not unusual for him, as he lived for his work).

Greg then met up with the group at The Iron Maiden, a local inn. After spending about 2 hours pouring over the documents, they started to find some of the details they were searching for.

At this time, Bra the Barbarian & Myiera were feeling a chill coming from the room. Bra the Barbarian scanned the room for evil, found the source of the chill, and was subsequently attacked when he reacted to the Dread Wraith he had detected.

The Dread Wraith, angry at being spotted, tried to quickly kill Bra the Barbarian, but failed to do so. Dropping back to his secondary instructions, he tried to weaken the group enough to allow those that summoned him to arrive. It did delay the group some, but not enough, as he was quickly deposed of by the group, who then heard the commotion outside. The party then moved to another room after casting invisibility sphere and silence, and waited until able to safely leave.

Then the group, including their new ally Greg, made their way back to the boat, and stayed below decks until several hours after they left port.



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