The Ancient Lands: The Sundering

Further into the Tomb of the Tiefling Kings

Part 1

Our heroes, having escaped the clutches of the Choker, after losing Jalad to the choker and after narrowly escaping the extreme rage barely bottled by their leader, spent some time hunting down the remainder of their party members through the mystifying mist, and regrouped in the Choker’s room. Once together, they thoroughly investigated the room. On one wall Myiera found a compass rose.15314085-Vintage-sun-compass-rose-Stock-Vector.jpg Bra tapped on the wall to see if it was hollow, but didn’t notice any difference to any of the surrounding walls.

Due to the nature of the tomb thus far, finding no markings anywhere up to this point, and wanting to verify nothing is there they asked one of their paladin guards, Bahadur, to smash in the wall with his mace. After a few hits, it became apparent to all by the smooth cracks to the sides of where Bahadur was bashing, that there was something hidden behind the wall. Oni, growing impatient with the lack of quick progress, yanked out her steel bar, shoved it in the crack that had started to appear, and heaved. Her muscles bulged out for a few moments prior to the door crashing to the ground and flinging her backwards onto her derriere.

Behind the secret door they found a set of stairs that ascended. Deciding to follow the stairs, they find an upper viewing room, where one can view down into the room where they just were.

After a few moments of discussion about either moving back down and trying to fully explore the 1st level, or moving forward and exploring this new level, it was decided that they would prefer not to deal with the mist in the hallways, and they pushed forward on this new level.

The first room they came to had several ghoulish looking creatures trying to drain the life essence from someone that was chained down to a cement block. The person that was chained was wearing an ancient set of armor which had protected themselves from most of the bites of the creatures. Once the door was open four of the creatures attacked Bra and Oni. During the fight Oni nearly lost control of herself after Bra was immobilized. She quickly regained control and finished off the creatures, beheading most of them with a single stroke of her blade.

Questioning the person that was chained down prior to releasing him, they find that the man is named Turok, a holy warrior from over 1300 years ago. Turok told the group about the rest of his group, including Brenden, his former friend and party member that betrayed him and bound him here when they came in to try and permanently kill the Tiefling Kings with the Dagger of Carn, also known as ‘Tooth’.

Once free Turok decided to join the group and to aid them in either killing the Tiefling Kings, or to stop Brenden from returning them to power.

Travelling North out of the room they found Turok in they came across a pair of shades in the middle of the hallway. Not having enough light to see the creatures clearly, they moved forward until the shades turned and attacked them. Several times the shades drained life from someone in the party, but the group had difficulty with hitting the shades, as their weapons kept passing through them. One of the Hyrkanian Guards said “I was afraid we might encounter something like this”, stepped up, and put Holy Weapon on Oni’s sword. One of the other guards cast Magic Weapon on Myiera’s arrows, making it so that she could attack from afar. Having the ability to hit the wraiths helped, and shortly thereafter

Moving on, they found a room that was a giant oasis, or garden. It had a stream flowing through it. While the water was frigid, it had some healing properties. The party decided this would be a great place to take a rest and to arm their new companion, Turok. The next room they found had a large rushing waterfall flowing out of the mouth of a monstrously large stone head of a lion. There was more of the oasis here, the start of the stream seen in the previous garden room, and four date palm trees.

Choosing to continue on exploring this level, they came across a room with a skeleton with a cleaver through it’s chest. They then walked in on a group of…



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