The Ancient Lands: The Sundering

Searching the Sorcerer's Tower

Having found the center of Sorcerer’s Isle, and the tower that stands there, the party then ventured to gain access to the tower.

The shiny stone yielded no clues how to enter and did not let any magic touch it, bouncing back all magic that attempted to.

Searching the area over a period of 2 days the eventually found a tunnel that ‘may’ lead towards the tower. May, because the forest kept trying to send them elsewhere, so the group is unsure if the tower really is in that direction.

Bra the Barbarian attempted to ascertain if this was, indeed, the entrance. Moving down the tunnel he started to feel week and ill. Then, seeing a steel clad door ahead, started moving faster. Had the birds, laying dead roughly 10’ prior to the door, not given him pause, he might have run full tilt into the invisible wall in his path. Slowing down, he gently grazed it and found there were no gaps past.

Bra then fell really ill, and felt physically ill, and quickly rushed back to his friends. His friends, not fully understanding what was wrong, checked him over just as Bra the Barbarian began to spew forth that the contents of his stomach. His friends helped him and gave him some healing, some of which seemed to negate whatever effect he was under.

Then, trying to determine how to get past, Greg went over his inventory of goods. Finding a scroll of Disintegrate he used it, destroyed the wall, and had the group fly down the tunnel to avoid touching the walls, floor, & ceiling of the cavern.

Myiera searched the door and disarmed it so they could continue onward. The group then found themselves in a cold cellar, storing some fruits, vegetables, and other storable items. One potato in particular seemed to stare at them, sitting there with sprouts coming out either side of the body as well as at the bottom of the bottom. The potato also had 2 ‘eyes’ right were a person’s eyes would be. Their paranoia kicked in and the party sliced the potatoes to pieces.

Searching the larder the found a symbol of a ‘lost’ sect of the Atlanteans. A sect some say were responsible for the cataclysm, at least according to Ramza.

Moving onward the group found a sitting room and a laboratory. The lab was full of alchemical supplies. But the lab had a table full of half full glass vials upon it sitting directly on top of the trap door. Peeking through the trap door, Ramza found a clear area to jump to.

Ramza Dimensional Door’ed through the trap door and appeared in a small area not covered in glass, cleared the area so that the remainder of the party can join him through the hatchway.

Moving past the lab, the came to a locked door. Myiera attempted to open it, but failed, so Greg used Knock to open the door. However, having tried to pick the lock previously, the current occupant of the room prepared herself…



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