The Ancient Lands: The Sundering

Sorcerer's Tower - Finale

Breaking into the main chamber the group finds a chamber with a spherical force-cage holding some sort of rod within it’s confines. Reaching through the force-cage the party was able to grab the rod, but was unable to get it out of it’s imprisonment.

Seeing the symbol in the ground beneath the spherical cage, the party deduced that they would have to acquire the remaining symbol pieces to, hopefully, release the rod.

Leaving out another door the group found a room full of emptiness. Moving through the room the party nearly fell into the pit in the center of the room. The pit is only 10’ deep though. No spikes. No animals. No water. Being a suspicious lot, the group had 1 member of the team climb down and poke around for several minutes. They eventually find a hidden box, and inside that box they discover another piece of the key symbol.

Moving into the next room they find it filled with pools of some red liquid. Using a stone shape they retrieve an item. Continuing on they find a room



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