Character Creation Rules

The cataclysmic event that caused the Sundering, as it is currently known as, is the sinking of Atlantis. This event happened roughly 200-300 years prior to the start of the campaign. This cataclysm has caused a series of devastating earthquakes destroying much of known civilization. The world is now mostly in ruins.

Humans make up 99% of the world at this point. However, the recent cataclysm has caused the creation of new races to appear in the world, such as elves, dwarves, etc.


Stats: 28 Point Buy
Humans: +1 racial bonus feat (at first level) (additional, on top of normal racial bonus)
Hit Points: Max at 1st level, Half max +1 or roll for all subsequent levels.
Limited to 1 unfinished Prestige Class
Limited to 1 splat book per character (not counting the 3 CORE books)

Tieflings are not allowed. At this time in the world they are still held in fear, and creatures showing the taint of ‘unnatural’ parentage, are often slaughtered.


There are no native languages (at present) for most of the various off-shoot races that are appearing the world over. IE, no dwarven, elven, etc

Most people speak the common trade tongue, normally referred to as common.
There are still languages such as demonic, draconic, etc., as well as secret languages.

Religion & Worship:

Each character can worship all the gods of one pantheon or, if they so choose, pick a single god to revere. Some characters may be undecided as to religion as a whole. Many people, like the barbarians of the north, are wary of joining a ‘cult’ as they see it, yet they are still tolerant of people and different religions, so long as it does not adversely affect them (such as the worship of Set might).

Most characters flat out will not deny the existence of the supernatural, since evidence of sorcery and diabolism is so often seen. It is natural to hope that good gods, and good beings like angels, exist as well.

New/replacement characters starting higher than level 1.
Character Wealth

Character Creation Rules

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