Koth is an extensive kingdom of rich uplands, mountains and rivers. To the north it faces Ophir, a frequent ally, Corinthia and Zamora. To it’s south are Shem, Argos, and the small states of Khoraja and Khauran.

History and Politics
Koth’s history begins with violence. In ancient times during a golden age of Stygia the lands that would be one day Koth were slowly being integrated into Stygia by their leader, the mighty sorcerer Thugra Khotan. However the Hyborian migration from the frozen north was also occurring at this time. The barbarian Hyborians came for the rich uplands and fought a bloody war against the Stygians. They overran the enemy and took the uplands but continued south to destroyed the northern Stygian kingdom of Kuthchemes. In this way the kingdom of Koth, was born, perhaps the second kingdom right after Hyperborea.

The Kothian tribes were then unified by King Khossus V, the founder, and he built the city of Khorshemish, Koth’s capital. He abandoned the city after a number of disturbing occurrences and built a new city to the eastern corner of the kingdom. King Akkutho I latter revived Khorshemish and in the centuries it has grown in wealth and glory, adorned with many slim shining towers and mighty walls. It is considered The Queen of the South.

Population and Culture
Kothian’s are usually of a lean strong frame, medium in height, and dark haired. Much like the rest of the Hyborians they are war like and often prefer cavalry to infantry believing it more honorable. Mitra, the universal god of the Hyborians, is their chief deity although Koth is not fervent in his worship. Kothians seem to be more urbanized than most Hyborians. They are more prone to trade and comers with other peoples which has introduced them to other cultures and religions. Worship of Ishtar and multitudes of other gods including even Setian sects can be found in Koth.


The Ancient Lands: The Sundering Naloomi