The Sundering

After the Pictish-Atlantean wars had destroyed the beginnings of what might have been a new culture, another, lesser cataclysm further altered the appearance of the original continent, left a great inland sea where the chain of lakes had been, to further separate west from east, and the attendant earthquakes, floods and volcanoes completed the ruin of the barbarians which their tribal wars had begun.

Welcome to the Sundering! In the aftermath, much of the world is in ruin. The barbarian tribes sends it’s coming of age youth out on a kind of rumspringa. Just prior to this coming of age ceremony, a youth from the previous year returns, scarred. His story is that of one of his companions from the previous year used his fellows as a sacrifice of some sort to some dark deity. The normal coming of age ceremony is changed this year, and the youth are sent to find and return this youth. Can they find him, and when they do, what will they discover…

Bra the Barbarian

Minions & Lackeys
Hyrkanian Paladin Guards

Sworn Enemies
Redrak – Former member of the tribe
The Tiefling Kings

Lesser Foes

Friends & Patrons
Bob – High Sorcerer in Khorosun
Steve – High Priest of the gods in Khorosun

Other Acquaintances

Fallen Heroes
None – yet

Known History

The Ancient Lands: The Sundering

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