The Ancient Lands: The Sundering

Riddle Me This

Our heroes, unsure of moving further up without first fully exploring behind them, journeyed back to the entry point and attempted to finish exploring the main level.

The last room they entered contained an Gynosphinx named Missy. When they burst through the door, and saw the sphinx sitting there and realizing it’s size, they quickly back peddled out the door, and in to the limited protection of the hallway. The sphinx simply lifted it’s head off it’s paws, licked it’s lips, and smiled at the fumbling heroes.

Realizing she wasn’t going to pursue, the heroes returned, supped with the Sphinx, and spent many long hours talking with her.

After answering several riddles, the heroes learned of a few different ways to destroy the Tiefling Kings for good. One of which they knew of, Dagger of Carn, one of which Ramza had glimpsed but did not know why or what he saw, and 1 other.

They also found that 2 of the 3 ways, the Dagger of Carn and the Rod, would likely destroy the weilder. Only the third way ( Staff of Hermidas), which would require them leaving tomb once more, stood a chance of not destroying their souls.

They also learned that the quickest way up to the main tomb area is through the lion’s head fountain. So they thanked Missy for her company and for her answers, and departed for the Lion’s Head fountain.

Returning to the Lion Head Fountain, they attempted to get to the next passageway. Oni easily climbed the palm tree, swung the top back and forth, and grabbed the lion head, despite the onrushing current of water. The remainder of the party, not having Oni’s ability to climb, wait while she explored this new level a little bit.

Moments later, she rejoined the group, whom had started to make a rope out of the fronds of the palm trees. It took them several hours and a night of rest, but by morning they were ready to continue.

After climbing to the third level, they started into this new level.

The gauntlet entryway: A 20-foot long corridor runs south from a door and up at a
25 degree angle. There the corridor splits into two 20-foot long corridors 10 feet apart. Both of these corridors end in heavy wooden plank doors with bronze bands. There is writing carved in glowing gold letters set into each of the doors:

Beyond these doors be the tests of the Tiefling Kings. Turn now
from this doom of power and evil from the heartless kings.
Great and awful is the horror beyond these doors.

Ignoring the warnings of peril, the heroes open the door. The corridor they view beyond the doors is very brightly lit, 100’ long, 30’ tall, and 30’ wide. The corridor rises at roughly a 25 degree angle towards the far side. Four flights of stairs connect three 50’ wide by 10’ deep landings. Water thunders so loudly in the room that the party can not communicate verbally while in the corridor. The water passes on both sides of the main walkway up, travelling beneath the landings, but making them quite moist from the spray. At the top landing is a gigantic bronze fist, glistening in the firelight and moisture of the room.

Cautiously moving up to the first level, Content Not Found: sesy looked around, did not see anything suspicious, and then stepped up. Suddenly 4 creatures, roughly humanoid shape, rose up from the steps. These creatures, being made of mud, were slow to respond as Oni, rushed up, slid on the water right up to her first target, and sliced upwards, cutting the mudman in half with her great sword.

The 2 halves of the creature fell, and then rose back up as two slightly smaller mud like humanoids. Bra the Barbarian yelled something about the weapon, but couldn’t be heard, before he charged up the stairs, grabbing his spear by the head, and swinging it like an impromptu staff. Ramza started to sing, and although his companions could not hear him, the presence of Ramza strumming away on his lute, brought courage and inspiration to them.

Without much ado, the group knocked bits and pieces of mud from the creatures they were fighting and into the rushing water, flushing the mud men down the torrential water.



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